Outbound Workshop – Together To The Top workshop, from 12-13 Feb 2016

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Conducted the T 4 Workshop in outbound mode at BNAC, Andheri for the SBI General Insurance Company Ltd top echelons including the respected MD & CEO Mr Pushan Mohapatra, Deputy CEO Mr Andrew Furlow (Insurance Australia Group), HODs and Regional heads.

The activities were designed in a manner to get progressively more complicated requiring planning, decision making, consensus, out-of-the-box thinking, individual and team effort, execution under pressure and leadership qualities. The journey was planned from individual level, to group level, to team level, to excellence at organisational level. In fact, the last Team Task was specifically designed and created by me for this workshop.

The josh and enthusiasm was very evident. Participants successfully overcame their physical problems, phobias and medical ailments ensuring 100% participation. It was observed that the activities ignited a healthy discussion, communication, introspection, team spirit & camaraderie.

The bonding has certainly become stronger and participants have promised to take the Learnings back to office, raising themselves to a higher level and implement in a time bound manner.

Hats off and all the best to SBI GIC.

The arrangements, volunteers and incharge Mr Himanshu Joshi at BNAC – par excellence.

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