The Resilient Leadership Training program for BHEL’s Senior Managers was a fantastic experience

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The Resilient Leadership Training program, conducted as a ‘Pilot Program’ for the HRDI (Human Resource Development Institute) of BHEL by Cdr Abhishek Kankan & the T4 team was a fantastic experience.

It is always a great feeling to receive feedback that range from “the best ever learning experience” to “one of the best and useful programs with outstanding faculty” by the participating members. It was no mean task when you have senior officers of the rank of Deputy General Manager and above from various departments of BHEL i.e. Engineering, HR, finance, Quality, Civil, Purchase, Marketing, Law, Research etc, drawn from various units across the country interacting with you on leadership and teamwork.

The purpose of the program was to equip the DGMs to handle the uncertain & fast changing business environment of our times. A specially structured program of Experiential learning through Outbound activities and Simulation by Cdr Abhishek Kankan and his team, ensured that the participants were exposed to the following unique perspectives:

What was shared at the Resilient Leadership Training program

• Strategic & tactical situational analysis
• Telescopic& microscopic decision making
• Bouncing back,
• Contingency planning
• Death phobia
• Risk taking
• Motivation and team dynamics
• And in the current VUCA, situational aspects of Mental & Physical fitness, Emotional & Spiritual stability were also touched upon.

What was benefited from the Resilient Leadership Training program

As part of experience sharing, the participants were exercised through activities, games and role plays with the following aims :
• Strategy, meticulous planning and execution with ‘josh’ to instill life long lessons in motivation and man management.
• Focus on development of skills of a Resilient leader and implementing in work place.
• Effective communication including Listening, Conflict handling, ‘Responding v/s Reacting’ through various tools and role plays.
• Understanding and dealing with the younger generation of managers and subordinates.
• In addition to ‘discovering the resilience within’ making participants realize their true worth and potential and that ‘Nothing is Impossible’.
• Participants were also sensitized on aspects of 3 Ps i.e. People, Profit and Planet.
The participants benefitted tremendously from this uniquely crafted program based on actual experiences and extreme situations face by the T4 team, many at the jaws of death.

Feedback from the Resilient Leadership Training program

The feedback of the participants varied from the being the “Best ever Program attended in last 20 years” to “One of the best and useful programs, with outstanding faculty”.

K K Seth, Executive Director, HRDI, BHEL

Dear Cdr. Abhishek,

We had engaged Cdr. Kankan to design and conduct a program called ‘Resilient Leadership’ for our middle managers.The purpose of the program was to equip them to handle the present day, uncertain & fast changing business environment.

The pedagogy was focused more on experiential learning and the sessions were a judicious mix of outbound activities, case studies, role plays and discussions based on video clips.I am glad to say that Cdr. Kankan and his team did an excellent job of designing and conducting the program which was very well appreciated by the participants.

Cdr. Kankan is not only an accomplished mountaineer but also a very competent Trainer. Climbing the highest peak in the world is no small achievement, which we all know he had done successfully ten years back. From there, graduating to the field of training, what is more important is that one should be able to translate what one has experienced and learnt during the expedition, into meaningful messages relevant for participants who are aspiring to be good Business Leaders.

The present day Business environment can be likened what one faces on an expedition like the Everest.The elements of uncertainty, sudden changes, high risk, encountering the unexpected etc. are facets that make the two very similar. The experience of handling these can be translated to the handling of our present day business. Cdr. Kankan was able to establish this link in a very effective manner and communicate to the participants through live examples, the relevant skills necessary to lead and succeed in the current Business environment.

I would like to compliment Cdr. Kankan and his team on designing an excellent program where they could weave the learning’s of the expedition into a meaningful program for Business leaders, to develop skills for handling the turbulent Business environment. I wish them success for their future endeavors.”

With regards,

K K Seth
Executive Director
HRDI (Human Resource Development Institute)

In closing, all the participants were given extensive study material and handouts to introspect and affect change in their Units/ divisions and a follow up program to assess changes in management practices also planned.

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