24 November 2014 | Igniting the Achiever Within program at DPS Meerut

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Being amidst the young generation is always exhilarating. One can almost feel the vibrations of the collective yearning to surge forward, in their paths they feel they have chosen, and race down it with a confidence that can only come with that age.

It wasn’t anything different interacting with the senior classes of the Delhi Public School Meerut, where a session of “Igniting the Achiever Within” was held, on 24 November 2014. ( You could read the press coverage of the program here )

This is what the Delhi Public School Meerut website had to say about the Program.


The tall man with a face wreathed with smiles, when jumped upon the stage avoiding the beaten track and walked to the podium with broad shoulders clearly showed his passion for climbing and his being master of his spirits. On 24th November 2014, DPS Meerut organised a Motivational Workshop “Igniting the Achiever Within” for the students to stimulate them to become achievers with overall emphasis on personality development and academic excellence. The chief guest and trainer Commander Abhishek Kankan While sharing the adventurous episodes of his expedition with the students said that they all can climb the Everest of their life; but with meticulous preparations and a positive mindset. Mr Kankan is the Gallantry Award Winner for being the first Naval officer in the world who scaled the Mount Everest Starting his mission from the unfathomable depth of the Arabian Ocean. The Tagore Hall echoed with claps when the commander answered the students’ question with humour and smiles during an interactive session.The Principal Mrs Savita Chadha during her address said that one can carve a niche for oneself even in the mind numbing and most challenging circumstances!

Mrs Savita Chadha, Principal, DPS Meerut, on the Igniting the Achiever Within Program

Letter by DPS Meerut Principal on Igniting the Achiever Within Program

As mentioned earlier, I hope I was able to do justice to their questions with my responses, and really wish the fire inside them burns fiercely through the years, more brighter, more hungrier.

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