Corporate Training-Team Building

Organisations, literally, have an ‘I‘ at heart.

Every organisation is a team or a super-team made up of a number of teams working towards a common business objective/s. And in the processes and programs that ensure that the objectives have prime focus in the organisation’s scheme of things, it is the basic building blocks of unique individuals who make the organisation that bear the brunt of its progress. Based on two decades of expertise and experience, Cdr Abhishek Kankan has designed and customised team building activities to enhance individual and team growth through experiences, enhancing teamwork, trust and communication.

Expertly introducing problem solving, innovation, and strategic planning into the various modules that he has conceptualised, Cdr Abhishek Kankan’s team building activities will strengthen the cohesiveness of your group while providing key insights and applicable skill sets, gradually transforming Averagers to Achievers, impacting their personalities and the company’s bottomline.


Team Building

Cdr Abhishek Kankan’s two highly popular programs, Project Mount Everest ( 2 days ) and Igniting the Achiever in You ( 1 day ) address the shortcomings in efficiency and performance of Corporate teams, instilling in them, a renewed sense of purpose, vigor and go-getter attitude. It enables the team -members of any Corporate team to reach inside and draw upon their resources of will and empathy, rising up to their their full potential and become synergized team players eventually.


Duration : 1 Day

Objective of the Program

To achieve enhanced efficiency and performance of the team members for attainment of their full potential and become synergized team players through experiential learning workshop & motivational talk.


Learning through ‘tale of great human endeavour’ is retained more than normal theoretical methods. Climbing teams bear a strong resemblance to Corporate teams. They live avidly while confronting challenging targets. Expedition to the world’s highest point provides the perfect laboratory to examine the huddles/ challenge every team faces. Here we expected to find new doctrine that separate the achiever teams from the not so great, but we tend to find something else. The teams will have some members who are very humble; and others who are psychotic narcissists. Teams that achieve peak performance in the face of extreme challenges – what we call high altitude teams –are remarkably different. Instead of just talking about principles or methods, the focus is on practical aspects and on the key dangers which stop teams from reaching higher.

Some of the aspects that will be covered are as follows:-

– Vision – The start point which defines end Results.
– Impeccable planning
– Team camaraderie – Implications of Selfishness
– Team Behavioral change and adaptation
– Develop Bravery – Repercussion of Cowardice
– Fear of Death
– ‘Im possible’
– Mind management
– Humility – Dangers of Arrogance
– Partnership – Evils of Lone heroism
– Perseverance v/s Comfort


– Expect the unexpected
– Communication
– Conflict Resolution
– Factor of Luck
– Dream & work towards it
– Pursue a hobby
– Gear to Excel at Work


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