The Homemakers Motivational Workshops are conceptualised around the Home maker in today’s parlance – the backbone of any Home, who makes all the difference.’The workshop helps identify the clear, practical and realistic steps that all homemakers desire to take to make a better world for themselves at home, whilst building the practical skills and confidence to take these steps.


The Workshop has been put together based on a broad range of aspects that are reflective of the monotony and nature of activities and daily chores that reduce most to automatons, and yet struggle to find individuality and pride opf place in the daily chores they do.

Version : Conference/ Outdoors/ Case study

Duration : 1-2 days

– Follow-ups
– Topics Covered
– Understand essence of Life
– Living for Self
– Living with Honour & Pride
– Conflict Handling
– Relationship Development
– Pursuing & living your Dreams
– Discovering Bliss, pursuing hobby
– Parenting
– Developing High Self Esteem & avoiding Self Destructive Behaviour

Lack of Identity, Honour & Recognition, Lack of support, Silent harassment, Hypertension, Bias, Loneliness and Living for Others.

– Happiness & Contentment
– Leading meaningful life with Self Esteem & positivity
– Forming a healthy routine

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