leadership Training from Defense services Management

The structure of the Self Team System Leadership Training Program is in three phases, which are :

1. Lead Self
2. Lead Team
3. Lead Systems

Lead Self. Every leader’s own beliefs, assumptions and the way of being, affects his/her behaviour, decisions and actions. Lead Self phase will enable the individual leaders to know and understand this.

Lead Team. As the next step, after understanding self, this phase enables the leaders to understand how their own behaviour and styles affects the teams they lead and can have a significant impact on the desired goals in the short & long-term.

Lead Systems. Every team needs to gel with the organization goals. Lead systems enables the leaders to see and experience, how systemic procedures/ patterns and the constitution in an organisation or a team, can significantly impact the way a team perform and achieves the goals. Understanding the presence of such procedures, patterns and addressing / altering them by the leader can significantly impact the results.

We propose to cover each theme in a 2-day period, over 3-4 months duration. The Andragogy of the phases/ intervention would be largely experiential and activity based. This will enable each participant to derive personal learning and actions.

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