Loved being a Guest speaker at MMS Aarohan-2015, at MET Institute of Management

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It was a privilege to be amongst the students and faculty of the MET Institute of Management, Bhujbal Knowledge Center, Mumbai on August 8, 2015. I was invited to be their Guest speaker at MMS Aarohan-2015, on the final day of the 3-day Induction program at MET Institute of Management, Bandra, Mumbai.

The audience was fantastic, and was a delight to be amongst a very enthusiastic, participative & inquisitive and, if I may say, one of the best audiences I have had till date.

It was also heartening to note that the audience also felt the same. Here is an excerpt from their event report :

The “Presentation by Cdr. Abhishek Kankan, Everest Climber, IIM Indore Alumni was impressive and called for a standing ovation! “

MET Institute of Management
Here is wishing all the students and the Institute the very best.

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