From maintaining a reasonable Work and Life balance, craving for support & enduring harassment in silencethe Working Woman of today needs more care and nurturing than ever.The Working Women Leadership program helps women assess and address their unique strengths and challenges, as well as navigate the frequently complex dynamics of strategic business leadership. The integrated program sessions promote the mindset and competencies necessary to transform participants from effective colleagues and bosses to successful and valuable leaders.


Version : Conference/ Outdoors/ Case study
Duration : 1-2 days

Topics Covered

-Leadership & ceasing Victimization
-Handling People, Planet, Profit
-Work life balance
-Living for Self
-Body language
-Effective Communication
-Conflict handling

Work life balance, Lack of support, Back biting, Silent harassment, Hypertension, Bias, Burn out, Hiatus in career due to societal responsibilities.
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