Honored to be a “Honorable Participant” for the Disability Support Rally 2014


Truly honored to be a part of the Disability Support Rally 2014, on the eve of UN’s International Day of Persons with Disabilities, on 3rd December 2014”, at Marine Drive-in Mumbai. Even more humbling and overwhelming would be to share the dais with Major DP Singh, India’s own Blade-runner and a Kargil War Hero.

When : 3 December, 2014 at 0900 hours

Where : Service Road, Parsee Gymkhana, Marine Lines, Mumbai

Major D P Singh has been an inspirational soul to every single person who has come to know him and have cared to learn more about his life’s journey. He was blown apart by a mortar on the Kargil battlefield. Left to die in the high-altitude makeshift mortuary, he refused to succumb to his fate and rose like a phoenix from his injuries. He stayed in hospital for almost a year after having his torn right limb amputated. Hardly anyone believed he would ever walk again. But he thought, “Why just walk? I want to run.” Now, he’s running marathons.

Today, at 39, the Indian Blade Runner has run close to 20 marathons. When he runs, he doesn’t hide his artificial leg. Onlookers often drop their jaws and stare. That doesn’t bother him. He is also a motivational speaker, inspiring amputees across India. He also manages a support group called The Challenging Ones

The Invite


Listen to Major DP Singh’s inspirational talk at the TEDx Bangalore 2012

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